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Pace Action Fast
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Using Rhetorical Devices
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Crime and Its Penalties
Pace Action Fast

Pace action fast is effective to use in your writing as it will definitely bring your descriptions to live.




(1)  The woman picked herself up in a flash and flew to her child. She scooped the little girl up, twirled around and strode towards me menacingly.


(2)  He ran across the chicken yard, jumped over the fence and dashed towards his sister.


(3)  Grabbing one of the ropes, David    jerked the swing to a stop, tumbling his sister to…


 (4) Samantha hung up the call, stood by the window and nervously clutching the window rails, waiting anxiously for the police’s arrival.


(5)  The menacingly looking man hollered at the top of his voice, shook his hand free and flinging the knife into the darkness. Being substantially larger, he overpowered Cindy effortlessly, struck her on the head repeatedly, raining blow after blow.